1. Wondering how to SETUP and start your ONLINE journey?

Give us a shout and we can assign a friendly store expert who will work with you and setup all the must have features.

  Get a domain registered (if you do not already have one)

  Get a payment gateway account. Use our list or recommend your own, we will get it done

  Get an SMS channel account for your business

  Procure and setup a support hotline – VPBX

  Procure a Google Analytics account

  Procure logistics account

2. Overwhelmed with the DESIGN elements on your web store?

Our designers are standing by to help you during every step of your store design!

  We will help you customize the web template that you chose for your store

  Our design team work to ensure designs meet your improvement recommendations

  Now you can get more personalised web designs to add a bit of jazz to your store

  You can also add a personal touch to meet your brand requirements, target audience and design aspirations

  We constantly strive to understand your expectations and incorporate them

3. Need out of the box WEB DEVELOPMENT solutions?

Our web research and development experts will help with the Clientomization as per your requirements.

  Our features provide you awesome solutions, need some tweeks in them we can help

  Need a feature that you think is a must have for your business. The R&D team will pull in to make it happen

  We continually are working towards bringing in more and more extensions, need our help integrating these seamlessly to your business, can do!

  Worked on a solution for your product? Get our team to help integrate it to the platform

4. Wondering how to uniquely MARKET ONLINE?

Get started with our digital marketers to maximize your store’s online presence!

Define your digital media outreach goals, and delineate a plan to create the required buzz online.

  Provide improved brand visibility and grab customers attention, generating customer leads and conversions for you

  Our team will work with you to use your store information to carry out targeted Search Engine Optimization measures

  Grab customers attention with the right Search Engine Advertising

  Use our Data Feed Management service to carefully place your products in price search engines and portals to generate customer leads

  Jump start your online sales and customer traffic with the right kind of Social Media Marketing

5. Let us build a solid SUPPORT team for your web store!

Uncertain on how to build your dream customer support team, we are here to get that going!

  We can help you recruit / train the right kind of people to represent your company to your customers

  Customer inquiries, lead conversion follow-ups, order follow-ups all seem hazy to you? Get our help on that

  You can ensure your customers’ first touch-point and the contact thereafter with your business is seamless and rewarding

  We will not only work with you to gather the requirements, but will help in building you a successful customer support team